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Sunday, March 30, 2014

10 Ways To Boost EShop Sales

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"At Squarespace, we noticed that the things that make a big difference can seem very small," Atkinson said. "For instance, changing the color of a button on our site increased sales. We also found that you can double conversions just by moving some key phrases from the left side to the right."

Based on data SumAll collected, here are 10 tips for turning traffic into sales:

1. "My" works better than "your." "'Start my free trial now' will get more clicks than 'Start your free trial now'," Atkinson says. "The word 'my' suggests to people that it's already theirs, so why not claim it?"

2. If your service is free, emphasize that. Adding "100% free" or "Get started for free" will always help boost conversion. When SumAll added "100% free" to its site's headline, sales jumped by 18%.

3. Reassure potential customers that privacy is respected. When asking for an email address, "make sure to clearly state that it's for your eyes only -- for example, 'We won't ever sell your information. We hate spam too'," Atkinson says.

4. Use active phrases on buttons. "Don't ever label buttons with the word 'Submit'. It isn't descriptive enough," said Atkinson. "Instead, make sure the button says something like 'Get instant access'."

5. Colors matter, and orange buttons encourage people to buy. The reason behind it is a bit of a mystery, but Atkinson thinks it's partly because "sites like Amazon and eBay have so popularized orange buttons that they've become what people expect."

6. Placement matters. On your homepage, make sure images and videos are on the left, while the call to action is on the right. "Western audiences tend to read from left to right, so this simple tweak is surprisingly effective," Atkinson said. At SumAll, this one change boosted conversion by 5%.

7. Personalize recommendations. Use product badges to indicate when something is "new" or a "staff pick" or "just for you." Small as it seems, it goes a long way toward encouraging browsers to buy.

8. Be consistent. Make sure the copy and design of your advertising matches the copy and design of your site, Atkinson advised. "Breaking this continuity, which is a kind of 'scent trail' between ads and online pages, can seriously hurt conversion."

9. Be cautious about using videos. "Those fancy videos startups love can cut both ways," Atkinson observed. SumAll has seen videos discourage conversion as often as they improve it, especially if they're too long. After about 90 seconds, potential customers tend to get bored and wander off.

10. Constantly test what works and what doesn't. Even basics like your company's slogan should be reevaluated. When SumAll changed the tag line on its site from "The world's best tracking tool" to the friendlier "All your social media in one place," conversions shot up by 60%.

[Via - CNNMoney]

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Saturday, March 08, 2014

Free Remote Collaboration Tools

It might sound as a cliché, which doesn't make it any less true, but the nature of workforce is changing. More and more people are telecommuting, working in geographically dispersed teams or hiring/offering their service as freelancers.
Try googling 'telecommuting tools' or 'remote employee management tools' and you get articles that recommend using 10 different tools for 10 different things - Skype for face-to-face meetings, Dropbox for file sharing, Google Docs for working with documents, and so on. That's the wrong way to go. If you want to manage your geographically dispersed team or teleworkers effectively, all the tools should be in one place easily accessible by everyone, just like they are in Bitrix24.
Here is a list remote employee management tools available in free Bitrix24 plan
1.     Private social network
2.     Group chat
3.     Videocalls and videoconferencing
4.     Telephony
5.     Group tasks and group projects (workgroups)
6.     Shared team calendars
7.     CRM and sales team management
8.     Lead management and email marketing
9.     Invoicing
10. Bitrix24.Drive for online storage and file sharing
11. Online document management with multiuser editing
12. Time tracking and employee workload planning
13. Daily planner
14. Team checklists
15. Workflow automation
16. Mobile workforce management
17. Employee self-service and HR tools
To repeat, these are all available to you at no cost as long as your team is 12 users or less (you can buy extra 12 users for just $25 a month, if necessary).
Here is a list remote employee management tools available in paid Bitrix24 plans or the self-hosted edition.
1.     Remote employee training and learning management
2.     Time management
3.     Work reports
4.     Extranet
5.     Helpdesk and ticketing
6.     Meetings and briefings
7.     Records management
Additional tools and integrations with third party solutions are available in Bitrix24 Marketplace and are provided by Bitrix24 partners.
Happy remote collaboration to you!

[Via - Free Remote Collaboration Tools]

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Best Internal Communication Tools

Bitrix24 is probably the best know free internal communications software. Essentially is a unified communications cloud platform that comes with free enterprise social networks, business chat, mobile messaging, videoconferecing, web phone calls and e-mail. What else could you want?The thing that appeals most to me as an IC professional is company news and mandatory announcements module and knowledge management module, though in fact Bitrix24 comes with over 35 different tools from document management, to shared calendars to program management and CRM. Bitrix24 is free for 12 users, addition all $25/mo gets you extra 12 users and if you pay $99/mo you get unlimited users, which is a darn good deal.
CoopApp came out before Bitrix24 (hence the ugly design) but inspite of not offering as many tools, it’s good at what it has been created for, namely keeping all your employees on the same page.
3. Google+ Hangouts
Great free videochat platform perfect for communicating with your employees who work in different offices or from home.
If you are in charge of brain storming and idea management and love mind maps, you’ll love MindMeister.  Unfortunately shared mind maps are available in the paid plans only.
UserVoice has been created with the idea of giving your customers a way to provide feedback and vote on the best ideas. However (don’t tell anyone), you can use UserVoice for free inside your own company to get feedback and ideas from your employees.
Effective internal communications flow both ways. If you consider work reports an important IC tool (and you should), do take a good look at WorkDone. Along with Bitrix24, it’s one of the few tools that’s available on your mobile as well as PC.
OpenLMS is a free open source learning management system. It does require that you are a techsavvy person, but what you get in return is ability to create employee training courses and interactive employee manuals.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Top 7 Bitrix24 Reviews

Looking for top Bitrix24 reviews? Here are most popular ones according to Google, Alexa, Yahoo and Bing.

1. Miguel Leiva-Gomez of MakeTechEasier, lists Bitrix24 among top free collaboration tools as number one. His reasons? "Bitrix24 presents a powerful collaborative suite that lets you talk to your clients, manage your documents, stay on top of large projects, and create invoices."

2. UncommonBusiness blog compares Bitrix24 with Jive Software. The main advantages of using Bitrix24 as enterprise social tools, according the review, are free tools that come with it - such as CRM, Project Management, Document Management and others.PC

3. PCMag review Eric Griffith lists Bitrix24 among best free web apps  for small business. This is more of a list rather than a review, but it has a great number SMB centric applications.

4. MadConomist list Bitrix24 as free SmartSheet competitor. As other reviewers, the author likes the fact that you get 12 free users and a number of free tools at your disposal. Other advantages listed are self-hosted edition, source code and API.

5. Rick Broida's review in TechHive is similiar to PCMag - it's titled Get a free shared workspace for your small business. Quote: "It's admirably easy to pick up and use. Anyone familiar with Facebook or LinkedIn won't need a lot of training, if any at all."

6. looks at Bitrix24 as free TeamBox alternative

7. ZDNet reviewer Eileen Brown believes that Bitrix24 challenges Microsoft with the latest release. The post contains interview with Bitrix Inc president Dmitry Valyanov.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Kickstart Startups - Olloclip Story

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Patrick O'Neill, founder and CEO of Huntington Beach, Calif.-based olloclip, has two great passions: photography and technology.

An entrepreneur for more than two decades, he got into the mobile-accessories business in 2000. At the time, he was designing products for other companies, but his idea for an iPhone camera lens was already bubbling up. "I thought, wouldn't it be cool to put camera lenses on the phone like we do with our big cameras? The problem was," he recalls, "how do you elegantly mount it?"

His solution: attach lenses on either side of a small plastic sleeve that could be slipped over the iPhone's camera lens. "I felt more strongly about this than anything I've ever done in my life," O'Neill says. "I put everything into it. I put my whole house on the line."

Using his own money, he brought on his director of design, Chong Pak, and a marketing expert. Though O'Neill "knew basically how it would work," the team spent the next year creating hundreds of prototypes using a 3-D printer.

"Just OK" wouldn't do. There would be no moving ahead with production until the three-in-one olloclip--featuring fish-eye, wide-angle and macro lenses--was just right. The final lens set weighs less than an ounce and fits in a pocket.O'Neill says he never thought much about the company's growth potential. "I knew there were other people as crazy about photography as I was, and with the iPhone 4, the camera was amazing compared to any smartphone that had come before. That combination of factors--this was the right time for this," he says.

A Kickstarter campaign seeking $15,000 brought in more than $68,000, enabling him to ship his first product in 2011. Growth came quickly. The company, which started out of O'Neill's house, now has about 50 employees. Revenue was $11 million in 2012 and projected at $20 million for 2013.

The company has more than 30 distributors throughout the world, and its products are sold in chains such as Best Buy and Target. Late last year, it introduced an update to the original olloclip--a sleeker unit with four lenses--as well as products for the chunkier iPhone 5c and a macro-focused lens set.

But the biggest coup has been getting olloclip stocked in Apple stores. "When we were developing this product, we said the best place we could be is in the Apple store," recalls O'Neill, who sent the company's merchandising team samples, telling them to "play with them over the weekend." O'Neill says he "believed in this product from the beginning. I knew they would love it."

And they did. Shortly before the iPhone 4s was announced, the merchandisers' review came in: "Wow, that's amazing."

"In the big Apple stores, we're on 10 pegs right now, and we've been there for two years," says O'Neill, who won't reveal what percentage of revenue comes from the retailer. "It's hard to stay in there. Apple is the pinnacle. If you can get in there and stay in there, you're doing a lot of things right."

[Via - Entrepreneur.Com]

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